Extraordinary: Here is where the void may have taken Jen

Extraordinary season 2 has left us with a cliffhanger, after that useless waste of space, Kash, mistakenly shoved Jen into the void. We only get one shot of her on the ground looking up and saying “You got to be kidding me” before we’re left without closure (and without a power) for an undetermined amount of time.

While we’re not told where Jen is, here are some theories that could work into the plot of season 3 of Extraordinary.

Back in time: You’ve got to think budget with these shows. An easy monetary solution would be to go slightly retro. Jen is still young, so you could in theory send her back in time and still be well into the 2000s.

An alternate universe where no one has powers: Alternate universe would be an even easier way to go, and easier still on the plot and budget is the normal world. If they wanted to give us something slightly more spicier, they could actually make Jen the only super hero in this alternate universe.

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Before a powerful being: Maybe the person on the other end of the void is some kind of powerful collector of junk. Or perhaps an oracle of the superhero world that could lead Jen on another quest towards her powers.

But one thing is certain: Jen will likely come back. Remember. The void threw back Kash’s underwear in the season 2 premier. It’s possible Jen could get thrown out in the cold open of the season three opener.

And hopefully we get a season 3 (more on that HERE).

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