Extraordinary: Season 2 finale cliffhanger leaves fans in a dangerous position

Extraordinary Season two is in the books, and did we finally learn what Jen’s power is?

The answer is a resounding no.

After a catastrophic musical production from Kash and Jen finally saying goodbye to her dad, after advice from a traitorous George under duress, we’re led to believe that Jen has some kind of explosive power at a party with her friends. It turns out to just be a stage prop from the musical, and Jen is mistakenly pushed into the void by Kash,(dude is absolutely worthless and might be the worst friend in television right now)

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She lands on what looks like a green field. Looks up. And says “You got to be kidding me.”

And that’s it.

Was Extraordinary great this season? Yes. They’re two for two over there.

Are we getting a season three? We don’t know yet. And that is the problem.

We’ve invested two seasons of our time into the show, and for the Extraordinary to end on a cliffhanger like that, without a power, would be a great injustice to the viewers.

My bet heading into the finale was that we were going to learn what Jen’s power was in the final seconds in perhaps a more open ended cliffhanger.

Yeah, we would have been chomping at the bit for more, but there would have been a payoff.

Now the show is in tricky place.

Get renewed and try to deliver some kind of closure to it’s fans.

Or get the hook from Hulu and leave us in limbo forever. Joining the ranks of other streamers that left fans hanging essentially throwing our time into a void.

Quite a daring way to end a season.

But I’ll be here for season 3 when it’s ready. And I hope you will too.

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