July 23, 2024

Alert MPU: Why we all should have been watching Wayne hack social media

Alert: Missing Persons Unit returned this week, with a season 2 premiere setting up another interesting season long mystery for the likable procedural.

It also introduced a new character, Wayne (Alisha Marie Ahamed), a top notch hacker Jason worked with in Afghanistan, who seems to have gotten in some trouble with the law.

But Wayne’s first showcase scene in the premiere had little to do with any elaborate code or use of hacking tools, instead we watched her hack a social media account with information we all put out there everyday.

It’s called social engineering, and we watched Wayne figure out challenge questions through searching through pictures to figure out things like maiden names, pet names, and elementary schools.

Things we’ve all filled out at some point during our travels on the internet.

This is why we need to take every precaution necessary to protect ourselves online.

And yeah, even Wayne’s second hack over public wi-fi is possible. Her mark was using public wifi and sending information from his device which she was able to pull data from. There are tools specifically designed to do that.

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There will be plenty of posts out there telling you about the Maritz conspiracy, and it appears to be a good one as the show goes for another long pass with a reveal that will likelier be easier to pull off than the missing son mystery.

But the show exposed a real threat to social media users from one of it’s good guys. And that is interesting TV.

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