Dozen Daily Trivia Answers Explained 3/11/24: The one who put you up there

It’s Monday Trivia geeks, and what’s a better way to blow off your first day back on the job than with your Dozen Daily Trivia Answers explained for March 11th, 2024.

How did you do, Frank? Missed two. Not great. Not terrible.

Here we go!

NFL: After 16 seasons as a Charger, Philip Rivers played the final season of his NFL career with this AFC team in 2020.

Answer: Indianapolis Colts

Explained: Over 80 percent right on this one. They gave us a free square to kick off the week.

NBA: Following his tenure with the Knicks, Jeff Van Gundy acted as the Head Coast of this Western Conference team from 2003-2007.

Answer: Houston Rockets

Explained: Younger players probably know him more from TV now.

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NHL: At 19 years old, this Tampa Bay Lightning centre led the NHL in Goals in 2010, then led the league again in 2012.

Answer: Steven Stamkos

Explained: Holy crap! We got a hockey question right!

Geography: After Berlin, what is the most populated city in Germany?

Answer: Hamburg

Explained: I lived in DE for years and still got this one wrong.

Celebrity Mashup Answer: Emma Stone and Christopher Nolan

Explained: An Oscar winner mash up. Stone is perfect. Nolan might have stumped a lot of people. Not a lot of people know his entire face let alone his body.

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Beverages: Originally packaged in blue bottles, this flavored brand of water introduced in 2002 is a product of Gatorade and is marketed by PepsiCo.

Answer: Propel

Explained: They nailed this one perfectly with both taste and quench. But it was always tough to find.

Television: After Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen’s next lead TV role was starring in this FX sitcom loosely based on a film from 2012-2014.

Answer: Anger Management

Explained: Very loosely based. Besides the title, it could have been a different concept.

Movies: Following four lifelong stoner friends, Dave Chappelle starred in this cult-favorite 1998 stoner comedy film.

Answer: Half Baked

Explained: “What part of Jamaica?” “Right near the beach…Booiiii!”. A comedy classic!

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Music: This female singer had her first Top 5 hit as a main artist in 2018 with her song “Bad at Love,” and then her first #1 hit in 2019 with “Without Me”.

Answer: Halsey

Explained: My post hint for the day. Halsey is also an anagram for Ashley, her real name.

How did you do? Let me know in the comments!

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