Thank you, Aaron Jones for being great in Green Bay

The Green Bay Packers have announced they’re releasing star running back, Aaron Jones.

I hate the decision. It’s really stupid. But that is a post for another day.

But instead, I want to thank Aaron Jones for being such a great Green Bay Packer both on and off the field.

As you know, I’m a struggling Army Veteran. And there are a lot of us in Wisconsin and all over the country. Aaron Jones has been a champion for veterans.

He was an Army brat. The son of two parents who reached the mountaintop of enlisted service in achieving the rank of Sergeant Major. He’s a Salute to Service nominee, which is the league’s recognition of Jones using his platform to honor veterans. For that alone, I’ll always be a fan of his.

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But Jones was also a favorite in Green Bay because he was a hard runner on the field. Look at his numbers. They’re terrific. And if we’re being honest, they should have been much higher, but the team never took advantage of Jones in their offense the way they should have.

Now, we move on to the Josh Jacobs era. There is a popular phrase, “don’t attempt to fill the shoes of a great man”. While Jacobs himself has been excellent in his career so far, he’ll be trying to do just that. Really, they should have been in the backfield together. Luckily Green Bay has demonstrated they can love succession if the pieces are right. Look at Jordan Love.

But regardless of how Josh Jacobs does, we’ll miss Aaron Jones (and his breakfast cereal on our store shelves), and should he return to Green Bay in another uniform, I hope we’ll give him the warm welcome he returns.

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