Extraordinary: S2 E4 Here is Gavin, plus Carrie’s flirting questions

Episode four of season 2 of Extraordinary was a dandy, with the Nora and Jen feud going into overdrive, and a our characters making an entire spectacle of themselves at a book signing.

But you’re here to find out who Gavin is. And why not? He’s a sharp looking cat (no offense to Jizz fans out there). We don’t realize this until the last moments of his time because his super power is invisibility, and Jen convinces Carrie it’s because he’s “uggo”. Did I say that right?

Yeah, she was wrong about that.

His real name is Michael O’Reilly and he doesn’t have a lot of acting credits. Or that big of an internet footprint really. But the dude is built for show business let’s see where it takes him.

Carrie’s flirting questions:


Jen was right. Carrie is adorable with her random questions while she’s flirting. So much so that I’ve decided to answer them. (I’m paraphrasing, so don’t go crazy fanperson on me).

Which section of Ikea would I use to protect myself from a zombie apocalypse? Probably the department with the most wood. I can use it to fashion weapons and make fires to signal help.

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What is the largest animal I can kill with my bare hands? I don’t know. I guess a cow? Don’t make me go into details.

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What is my favorite pen? I haven’t really thought of one, but I would want a conversation starter.

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How would you answer Carrie’s flirting questions? Let me know below!

Plus! You can actually learn Jen’s Library memory method HERE!

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