NFL: How the Steelers were able to rip off the Bears for Justin Fields

Well, it’s done. The Chicago Bears have traded Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a sixth round draft pick (the pick could move up to a fourth depending on playing time).

If you’re thinking it’s a terrible deal for Chicago, then you’re thinking right. It’s an absolute rip off for a player with the potential of Justin Fields.

Mind you, many projected Field’s value to be as high as a second round pick. Many more said the third round was a wide target for the Bears to aim for.

But, they get a sixth. How did it get so bad?

Chicago tipped their hand that Fields was available and that they were taking Caleb Williams with the first overall pick in the draft. Partner that with alternatives like Kirk Cousins and solid QB draft class, and the market for Fields simply wasn’t there.

Now Pittsburgh gets Fields and Russell Wilson (that’s drama waiting to happen too by the way) and Chicago must not only hope that Caleb Williams is the franchise centerpiece that many are saying that he is, but that he outruns Fields with a playoff Pittsburgh team in a locker room that could eventually become his to lead.

Some will say that the Bears simply couldn’t risk the chance of passing up another “Mahomes” and those voices can’t be ignored, but if Chicago could have waited longer then a its a certainty that a spot would have opened up for Fields and they could have gotten something resembling a fair deal. But the heat was getting too high for the front office.

But it’s said and done. And the Bears fans are left with a key moment on St. Patrick’s Day eve where their franchise could further cement their troubled history of quarterback choices or finally hit on a leader for this proud organization.

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