July 13, 2024

Dozen Daily Trivia Answers Explained 3/17/24: St. Patrick’s Day Theme

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Lovers! And your The Dozen Daily Trivia Answers Explained for Sunday, March 17th, 2024, will steer you through this Irish themed quiz that I had a lot of fun taking.

How did you do, Frank? Missed three. No luck of the Irish here!

Let’s goooo!

NFL: In January of 2014, Andrew Luck and the Colts came back from down 38-10 to defeat this AFC West team in the Divisional Round by a score of 45-44.

Answer: Kansas City Chiefs

Explained: Luck. Luck of the Irish. Get it?

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NBA: With only four fingers on one hand, the Celtics drafted this SG/SF out of high school in 2005, who went on to beat Nate Robinson & Dwight Howard in the 2007 Dunk Contest.

Answer: Gerald Green

Explained: Cheers to you if you got this one right. Slam Dunk Contest results that are old enough to vote. Wow.

College Basketball: Jerian Grant, Pat Connaughton, and Demetrius Jackson led this major conference school to a 3-seed and the 2015 Elite Eight before losing to at-the-time undefeated Kentucky.

Answer: Notre Dame

Explained: Some Fighting Irish trivia for you.

Science: “Au” is the symbol on the Periodic Table for this element with the Atomic Number of 79.

Answer: Gold

Explained: Leprechauns. Gold. Gold. Leprechauns. Get it?

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Celebrity Mashup Answer: Collin Farrell and Saoirse Ronan

Explained: I saw the low correct numbers on this one! Saoirse has the most incredible eyes. Two excellent Irish actors.

Beverages: Originally a dry stout originating from a Dublin brewery, this famous multinational alcoholic beverage brand introduced a new Baltimore Blonde Lager in 2013.

Answer: Guiness

Explained: You should have been able to guess this question without a clue on St. Patrick’s Day.

Television: This 2001 Disney Channel made-for-TV movie focused on a 15-year-old star basketball player whose life gets turned upside down when he finds out he’s a leprechaun.

Answer: The Luck of the Irish.

Explained: Stumped me. And I write a TV blog.

Movie: With a nearly 3.5-hour run-time, this 2019 gangster film from Martin Scorsese starred Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, and Ray Romano.

Answer: The Irishman

Explained: Good film. And a self explanatory answer for the theme.

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Music: “But I’m in so deep. You know I’m such a fool for you. You got me wrapped around your finger. Do you have to let it…” are lyrics from what 1993 Cranberries song?”

Answer: Linger

Explained: Great question. Great band. Awesome way to end the grid.

How did you do?! Let me know in the comments!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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