July 13, 2024

Not Dead Yet: Cashews payoff of crime fighting ep was best part

Last season, I suggested that Nell should be fighting crime on “Not Dead Yet” to use her ability to talk to her obituary subjects for a better purpose.

And this week, the show did something like that without losing it’s identity, and also while proving why Nell isn’t a detective.

We had two (more) comedy vets (Rob Corddry and Cedric Yarbrough) guest starring in the story of the mysterious death of an accountant who Nell was writing her piece about.

But while the actual mystery reveal turned out to be predictable, the following cashews payoff was good comedy TV.

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Nell learned about Lexi and Edward after discovering the her boss’ disdain for the Chinese food ingredient. We had some Usual Suspects flashbacks and the funny confrontation.

It was solid because I didn’t see them spilling the cashews on Edward and Lexi this soon. They could have stretched it out all season if they wanted but the show chose to give us the laugh now, which will open up more space for new stuff as the show moves into what has been a superior sophomore season.

The rest of the ep was fine. I’m still having to suspend belief that someone could be unhappy being married to Sam but it gives Hannah Simone more opportunities to be funny which is cool with me.

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And I also like the increased Tina dosage. Maile Flanagan’s character has proven to be something of a Mr. Johnson from Abbott Elementary on the show. There is no reason to have funny people on the bench.

Good stuff. See you next week!

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