Alert MPU: Benjamin Franklin prevents formula fatigue

One of the dangers that could have faced Alert: Missing Persons Unit in it’s second season was a pitfall that many shows face during their second campaign. Formula fatigue.

Johnny, Jane, or Jenny nice-person gets taken during the cold open, we catch up with our characters, a check-in on the long story arc, a break through in the case, and a warm reunion at the end.

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So far, Alert has given us bus full of kids with the driver getting got, and a mobster dressed like a founding father on the run, against a season long backdrop of a criminal conspiracy behind a car explosion.

Not bad. Not too bad at all.

I root for Alert: MPU because of this cast. Scott Caan is still one of the most easy to root for protagonists on network TV, Dania Ramirez continues to be great (thank God her dialog has gotten better) and Ryan Broussard can hold the story up by himself whenever he needs to as well.

But you still have to keep things fresh. And I think the show has done that during it’s first two episodes.

That’s because not every missing persons case has to be so vertical. There can be as many twists and curves as you like. And when the budget allows it, this show can also do solid action as well. Nikki’s on foot chases and that whole cabin sequence from last year proved that.

To close, I want to point out that this show is up against the FBI franchise on CBS with their entrenched viewers, and The Voice on NBC. They could air static and that following still won’t change the channel.

If you’re enjoying the show, tweet about it and tell your friends. It’s the underdog right now.

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