Atlanta : S1 Ep1 “The Big Bang” watch along

I miss Atlanta. And if you’re here either you do too or are just discovering one of the most clever shows of our era and want to share in the experience.

So, I’ve done this rewatch specifically for that. And knowing what I know now, I’m expecting to have more fun this time around.

Let’s go with the premiere “The Big Bang”

Intro: Like possibly yourself, I technically was not an Atlanta Day one-er either. I heard positive buzz and decided to catch up right before season 2. So this is actually my first time watching it completely in sequence.

1:01: Knowing what we know about Darius now, him searching for that dog is pretty wild.

1:27: Lakeith Stanfield and Bryan Tyree Henry. Academy Aware nominated actors. Well deserved too.

2:30: The graphic cards would only get more creative from there.

3:28: Zazie Beetz and Donald Glover never got the credit they deserved for their chemistry. This show never got the credit it deserved.

5:12: Awww never noticed Lottie aging. Years before Mr. Chocolate.

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6:47: That death stare from the old lady!! lol

7:37: This is important. Because yes, we actually do see Paper Boi rap in “Atlanta” a lot of fans online say we never do.

8:12: Earn’s dad. He gets his showcase in the final season. And Glover really was about the Spiderman look here.

10:17: Earn and Darius first meet. I forgot that too.

11:02: Knowing what we know about Tupac in this universe, the Malcolm line is completely different here.

11:14: Don Lemon catching a stray years ago!

11:48: Princeton. That’s rough now.

13:02: Not white. That’s also rough if you remember what a YWA is on this show.

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15:15: That exhale. I’m not even sure they would let him say that in 2024.

17:58: Powerful visual

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19:30: A true Atlanta moment there. And the dog is following him.

22:33: The triumphant Flo Rida moment. It sticks out. Because Flo Rida.

23:32: “Don’t mess with the money” that is some good advice. Goodness.

24:32: That picture of Earn. LOL

Great watch! Goodness, I love this show. Let’s roll on to the next one. Check back soon!

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