Will Trent: Fast season 2 start is because of ensemble effort

Will Trent is off to a great second season, and if you’ve read my stuff in the past, I was optimistic because its freshman season made it one of the best new shows on television.

A couple of episodes into this second campaign and I can trace the fast start to the entire cast. They’ve all leveled up.

During the first part of that premiere season, the action lagged whenever Will (or Betty) wasn’t on screen.

We had the Polaski and Ormewood “B Team” who didn’t have Will’s quirks to work with.

That’s not the case this year. Polaski started her rise confronting her attacker towards the home stretch of that first season. We saw Erika Christensen do some awesome work. Fans mumbled about possibly having Polaski start off this season crippled, but the show went the other way and she’s in the incredible shape.

Ormewood went from comic relief to a story carrier. There is a lot you can do with him.

Faith continues to offset Will nicely. Ulster has been a fantastic villain who they’re using beyond his original reach. And Wagner continues being the heart of the show, and even dials it up to “The Wire” levels at some moments.

If anyone is slacking, its Betty. Where is her screen time? The people demand to know.

And all of this comes together on the heels of that explosive premiere. I was completely stoked by it.

Here is hoping I can continue to watch Will Trent on a more regular basis. I blogged the entire first season and loved it.
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