Atlanta: S1 E2 “Streets On Lock” watch along

Welcome back to the “Atlanta” rewatch series! I loved this show so much I had to go back and blog the entire thing. You can check out the premiere episode HERE.

0:27: This is a great shot, and I just remembered Alfred went to jail twice during the show. Here and the Dutch luxury prison.

1:36: A couple of seasons later and Gina might have answered back.

2:55: Love that. Any character on this show is capable of saying anything at anytime.

3:55: Nobody loves Paper Boi more than cops.

5:52: “If you want to sleep you should have thought about that before you came to jail.”

7:00: Poor Grady. It was like 12 years!

8:12: Lemon Pepper wet. Very tough to find done correctly these days. Pulp Fiction effect is just fun.

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12:15: He drank it! Completely forgot about all this on the first watch! Blehhhh!

12:42: Yeah, forgot about that too. The environment changed in a hurry.

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14:25: I always loved the way “Atlanta” looks outdoors. Even when they’re in Europe, it just feels like an old photograph. Organic.

14:53: “Just like Paper Boi” that’s a real moment.

15:42: There is a message here. A painful message. But it’s real.

16:42: The kid is pointing the gun. Wow!

16:58: A lot of people regard this as one of the funniest parts of the series. And it was almost entirely done by one timers. Everything here is done right.

18:24: Good acting. All of it. A lot of discoveries right now.

20:21: Way too hot

21:20: Van should have made him walk home.

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Great episode. A lot of things I’m picking up the second time around. Please join me for the next ep soon!

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