Alert MPU: Apollo vs. Adonis Creed and Love Rectangles

Another episode of Alert: Missing Persons Unit, and we have a lot to discuss. Let’s not waste anytime.

Apollo vs. Adonis Creed:

Loved the case this week. We talked about keeping the concept fresh and writers are doing that by throwing in an unborn child. Mike and Jason in the field are terrific (hopefully, Captain Nikki gets some action this seasons too) and watching Mike get leveled by that boxer was unexpected and very funny. Happy the baby made it to her foster parents okay and the pacing this week was also good.

As for the Adonis vs Apollo Creed. The father would beat the son by decision.

Apollo is faster. And Adonis doesn’t hit as hard as Rocky or Drago. We don’t discuss it enough because the films are decades old, but Apollo was an apex boxer. That’s what made Rocky’s story so special.

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Love Rectangles:

More Wayne this week, and Alisha Marie Ahamed still pops on screen. I like that they’re taking their time with a potential hook up with Jason. That’s even if they have one at all. I can also dig the uneasiness around Kemi and Nikki. It’s working right now.

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Let’s talk about viewership:

Guys. Can’t even tip toe around it. We’re not doing too hot. And while the entire night for everything besides that FBI cult on CBS and The Voice is a slog, we’ve still got to do a lot better. FOX is forgiving but Alert and The Cleaning Lady had better draw some more eyeballs.

If you love the show, watch the show. Tweet about it. Watch it again on streaming.

See you guys next week!

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