Not Dead Yet: Hit it and Acquit It

Not Dead Yet was back with a new episode and the show did a good job passing the ball around to different members of the cast.

Lexi in the apartment:

I don’t know if it’s being done intentionally, but it’s good way funny how out of place Lexi looks in Nell and Edward’s apartment. The pants suit set against the backdrop of Nell’s cluttered habitat just works.

It was also another neat angle to see Lexi and Edward kind of go official. The Tina team-up with Lexi was also a lot of fun with the former giving every wrong kind of relationship advice you can imagine. I had a few chuckles with that.

What Nell could have used was privacy dividers for her room, which you can get on Amazon HERE

Hannah Simone and Brad Garrett:

Its great when two TV actors you enjoyed from previous projects get to work together in a different world. And the combination of Sam and Duncan with nothing to do during the News-valanche worked pretty well. And I have to admit, scotch that was made by baby angels sounds absolutely spectacular.

And for that scotch how about an ice ball maker mold to keep it cool without watering it down. You can get one on Amazon HERE

Telegraphing TJ:

It looks like Nell and TJ (Jesse Garcia) is endgame for the season, and that’s okay. This time last year, Nell was such a tortured protagonist that many viewers thought she was experiencing some kind of mental illness. At one point, I thought she should just pack it in and move back in with the parents.

You might remember Garcia from the Cheetos movie. And you can buy Cheetos on Amazon HERE

Our dead lawyers:

Blink and you would have missed Grady and Blitt, our dead personal injury attorneys. They did the most with what they had for what it’s worth.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments.

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