Atlanta: S1 E3 “Go For Broke” watch along

If you’ve been keeping up, welcome back!

If you haven’t. I loved Atlanta. I miss it. I’m doing a watch along series. You can catch episode two of season one HERE.

:23: Sign of the times. I know a lot of people who will order kid’s meals simply because they’re not that hungry. And I think this is just a mean employee.

1:31: Yeah, I’ve done that too. The trick is to get Sprite or 7Up that way it doesn’t look like you’ve taken anything. lol

2:19: The good life. Simpler times. Playing games and hanging out.

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2:46: Later in the series, we forget that Alfred was legit. His story was a real one.

2:25: Let the record also show that Darius probably wasn’t the least bit scared of a woman in a rolling cart.

4:17: Van was also carrying a lot. These are the seeds to Europe we’re watching here.

5:15: 90s music is amazing.

6:18: The underwhelming direct deposit first thing in the morning. As a blogger I’ve been there very often.

8:28: Yeah, daddy is weird. But papi is indeed cultural. Alfred is right here.

8:43: Darius is always ahead of us.

10:20: Luke Skywalker. Yes. That is the accurate color. But Glover probably knew that too.

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14:04: $28 for soup. Goodness. This is the worst feeling in the world. This is why you shouldn’t even bother going out if you’re not sure you can’t cover stuff like this.

14:47: Market price ALERT! Watch out Earn!

16:29: His gun’s name is Percy. What’s the story behind that. lol

18:16: Earn has said what a lot of us cash strapped guys feel during these dates. And random thought. What if he would have said that to Richie from another great FX show “The Bear”?

20:00: “We ain’t scare of these guys” lol. Earn feels relief. Alfred gets torched. No good deed goes unpunished.

20:38: Ole boy came through for Mr. Fogle!

21:41; No they didn’t chop his hand off or shoot the case off.

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23:44: That was kind of dumb sounding. But damn, Earn made it work.

Thanks for joining me for this watch along. This was a great episode.

And I’m not joking by saying I’ve been where Earn is. If you could help out the blog, I’d be grateful.

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