July 23, 2024

Dozen Daily Trivia Answers Explained 3/22/24: Where Service is State of the Art

TGIF Trivia Nerds! And your The Dozen Daily Trivia Answers Explained for Friday March 22nd, 2024, will hopefully confirm your suspicions that its still very much a March Madness centric quiz.

How did you do, Frank? I missed one. Which means a lot of perfect scores out there!

Here we go!

NFL: Before becoming an 8x Pro Bowl TE, this man played college basketball at Kent State, where he averaged over 16 points per game and helped them make the 2002 Elite Eight.

Answer: Antonio Gates

Explained: His basketball skills were well documented. An NFL question that’s really about College Basketball

NBA: After an illustrious college basketball career and winning a National Title at North Carolina, Tyler Hansbrough got drafted 13th Overall by this Eastern Conference team in 2009.

Answer: Indiana Pacers

Explained: Was Hansbrough that long ago? Goodness. You’re getting old.

College Basketball: Referred to as “The Shot,” Bryce Drew hit a famous buzzer beater to help this 13-seed school from the state of Indiana to upset 4-seed Ole Miss in the 1998 NCAA tournament.

Answer: Valparaiso

Explained: You can almost here Dick Vitale talking about this game.

Retail and Shopping: One of the pioneers of electronic superstores, this retailer with a big red circular logo filed for bankruptcy and shut down its stores in 2009.

Answer: Circuit City

Explained: “Welcome to Circuit City. Where service is state of the art” You remember that jingle? My post hint of the day.

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Celebrity Mashup Answer: Tina Fey and Jon Favreau

Explained: Fey’s face is unmistakable. Favreau comes from watching “Swingers” and the Iron Man movies countless times.

Chain Restaurants: Momma’s Pancakes, Homestyle Chicken N’ French Toast, and Uncle Herschel’s Favorite are names of breakfast items from what sit-down chain?

Answer: Cracker Barrel

Explained: We thought Cracker Barrel was the answer to a Bob Evans question earlier this week. Most likely a coincidence. C’mon Waffle House trivia!

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Television: Later getting international spinoffs, in 2020, Netflix debuted this reality dating show with a cash prize that would get reduced if contestants had any sexual contact.

Answer: Too Hot To Handle

Explained: These things are getting so popular I’m going to have to start covering them soon.

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Movies: Kevin Hart and Ice Cube starred in this 2014 buddy cop action film that grossed over $150 million worldwide and got a 2016 sequel.

Answer: Ride Along

Explained: Basically a free square. Everybody should have seen this one by now.

Music: This American alternative rock band is most known for their song “Kiss Me,” which was a #2 hit and was the main theme song for the 1999 film She’s All That.

Answer: Sixpence None The Richer

Explained: You remember Rachel Leigh Cook coming down the stairs in that red dress. That was a quarter of a century ago.

How did you do? Let me know in the comments!

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