Davey and Jonesie’s Locker: S1 E2 why the protest worked in gem world

If you’ve been watching Davey and Jonesie’s Locker then you understand this mess was all was kicked off this by the duo getting their activism on, and setting a fire at their high school dance, sending their classmates after them in a violent rampage while they fled into the portal.

Their first prolonged jump is into the gem universe, a class system where everyone wears a gem telling them where they are on the pecking order. Everyone eventually falls under Sierra and her fishstick fascism.

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When it’s time for Davey and Jonesie to fight back, they do the exact same kind of protest against Sierra during court, and lead a successful rebellion against her while removing what are simply colored stickers from everyone’s neck. Mission accomplished.

Well, why did it work on gem world and not 6698? There is a lesson to be taught here.

The people in 6698 were free. They had a popular leader, and they were at a dance where everyone appeared to be having a pretty good time. Sierra was relegated to simply organizing the event, but she wasn’t the final decision maker.

In gem world, the school was oppressed. And they weren’t happy or free, when they saw a rebellion uprising, and observed a group take a stand against their tyrant. They were mobilized into overthrowing Sierra and taking the school back.

So, yeah, freedom. And yeah, I know this isn’t exactly the West Wing or House of Cards, and if you’re in this show’s prime demo, you might not even know what those things are, but if you wanted a quick and silly lesson on rebellion, then you came to the right place.

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