July 25, 2024

Call Of Duty Warzone: We need a zombie “Train To Busan” scenario soon

Hospital? Prison? The bank? Where are those Call Of Duty Warzone zombies these days? They’re so hard to keep track of.

But a real question is when do we get our favorite first person shooter crossing over with material from one of the greatest zombie movies of all time? The Train To Busan.

If you haven’t seen the Korean horror classic, believe the hype. I gave it an “A” and it’s so well done.

And it would be crazy if Call Of Duty didn’t eventually throw those zombies down in the subway or train tunnels. A blown opportunity if you ask me.

It would also create a heck of a pinch for the players too. We’re often going down there to escape a push from another team we’re not going to win.

Developers are probably going to eventually hit everywhere on the map. It’s a way to keep things fresh for them as they roll out whatever plans they have for the game. Hopefully a new map soon.

And then there is the buzz that hordes of zombies are coming, and it won’t be long before they’re just running around the streets all of the time. If you’re a lover of chaos, then that should be just your speed.

It’s a good time to be a Warzone player though. You’re always going to have your weapon meta headaches but you also can never make everyone happy. Gamers (and wrestling fans) almost always find something to complain about.

But let’s get some zombies on some trains and have some fun! And watch “The Train To Busan”.

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