Davey and Jonesie’s Locker: A seahorse with a leaf blower kind of insane

Let the record show that heading into April, episode seven of season one of Davey and Jonesie’s Locker is the weirdest piece of television I’ve seen so far in 2024, and I’ll give them the trophy for 2023 too. This outing was so bonkers and out of control, that I had to make sure I wasn’t the one in a simulation.

Where to start. My goodness.

Okay, it looks like Davey and Jonesie jumped into the Glimmerdale universe. You know. The poster on the inside of their locker that looks like “Riverdale”. And this show is complete with all of the tropes, from 20 something high schoolers hanging out with biker gangs, to surreal speak easy’s and vampires.

If the plot would have resolved through this angle, it still would have been a great episode. But I think Davey and Jonesie show runners are demanding us to make sure we know how unserious they are.

It turns out it was all a simulation, and Davey and Jonesie were back in lobsterworld, with Lobster General Emille scanning their minds to find knowledge regarding a weapon that could help them beat the seahorse Army. It turns out that their minds were empty (which is another arrow towards character development in what has been a wild run).

Lobster Schneider and a good seahorse with a leaf blower save our title characters as they escape before a seahorse terminator arrives to save Lobster Schneider.

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It’s hard to believe that music turning teachers into werewolves and eating students isn’t the crazy ceiling here.

And all of this worked. I’m happy that the show is committed to crazy because that is when its at it’s best. Incredible.

I’ll see you next time. And if you want to read about oranges taking over the world on Davey and Jonesie you can HERE

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