Davey and Jonesie’s Locker: S1 E6 An orange named Julius

Episode six of season one of Davey and Jonesie’s Locker, is an amusing budget saver that sees our two heroes travel to a universe where oranges are the only food that humans consume.

And they’re also alive. Sentient. Self aware.

They’re trying to rebel against the citrus obsessed students of Schrodinger High, but they are after all oranges. What are they going to do? Their leader, and orange named Julius manages to start communicating with Davey and Jonesie while Schneider gets the portal fixed.

It’s a silly episode for sure but by now we all know what we’re in for here and I was more interested in how the production team was going to make an episode dealing with oranges interesting.

And the cast makes it work. Emille, Joyce, Sierra, and Abbott are doing a good job switching back and forth between being villains and allies from episode to episode. Most of them were heel this time out and they paide the price as the Davey and Jonesie were able to succeed in rebellion.

The stinger was that Julius, who I thought was going to die at least six times this episode took over and enslaved humans. And it looks like the oranges are now going to begin eating us.

Who says this show doesn’t offer any deep thoughts?

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It was a breather episode which is cool. The Hunger Games/Mad Max outing and the fairy tale show were pretty epic, we were due for a rest.

Happy to see people looking up the series as well. I think if you know what to expect then you should have a fun and goofy time.

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