Dozen Daily Trivia Answers Explained 4/7/24: Pay the bills with this guitar

Happy Sunday Trivia Fans. Your Dozen Daily Trivia Answers Explained for April 7th, 2024 should clarify what was a pretty easy quiz. Judging by the percentages out there, I think you’ll agree.

How did you do, Frank?: I missed .5. Yes. One half of the mashup

Here we go!

NFL: In 2020, this team won the NFC East despite a 7-9 regular season record.

Answer: Washington Commanders

Explained: Could have been tricky given how epically mediocre that NFC “least” crowd was.

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College Basketball: This legendary Tennessee forward was a 3x All-American and led the Lady Vols to back-to-back Women’s National Titles in 2007 and 2008.

Answer: Candace Parker

Explained: Even if your a Caitlin Clark fueled newbie. You got to know who “Ace” is with Women’s College Hoops.
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College Basketball: Magic Johnson and Michigan State won the 1979 National Championship after defeating Larry Bird and this Missouri Valley Conference school in the title game.

Answer: Indiana State

Explained: Double dose of College Basketball. I’m sure a lot of you guys put Indiana. Understandable.

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Cars: Named after a French word that translates “to climb or scale,” in 1998, Cadillac introduced this model, its first-ever SUV.

Answer: Escalade

Explained: Most of you don’t remember how just plain cool those first few Escalades were. On a completely different level. No pun intended.

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Celebrity Mashup Answer: John Krasinski and Scarlett Johansson

Explained: Thanks to a bad picture of “The Smartest Man Alive” I didn’t get my perfect. Grrr! IYKYK btw.

Chain Restaurants: Introduced nationwide in 2002 and discontinued in the 2010’s, what pizza chain offered the item known as the P’Zone?

Answer: Pizza Hut

Explains: Basically a calzone, no one out gimmicks the Hut.

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Television: Debuting in 2020, this fictional historical romance set in London and starring Pheobe Dyevnor and Jonathan Bailey has become one of the most streamed Netflix series ever.

Answer: Bridgerton

Explained: Amazing how this show just dominated and then disappeared.

Movies: A box office dissappointment, Will Smith, Kevin Kline, and Selma Hayek starred in this 1999 steampunk Western film.

Answer: Wild Wild West

Explained: “Wicki Wild!” The movie was awful but the song was a guilty pleasure. “You don’t want to see my hand where my hip be at!”

Music: This American rock band is most known for their 2006 #1 hit song “Hey There Delilah”.

Answer: Plain White T’s

Explained: My post hint of the day. This coffeehouse classic couldn’t be avoided. And is *gasp* now old enough to vote. Ugh

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

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