Wrestlemania: Let’s talk about Damian Priest and the “Money in the Bank” briefcase

Wrestlemania Night One is behind us and weighing what I see online, many of you were happy with what you got. I’m compelled to agree.

But with Night Two arriving in a couple of hours, we have to talk about the wrestling “elephant in the room”. Damian Priest and The Money in the Bank briefcase that allows him a title shot anytime he wants it.

Will he use the MITB briefcase tonight? Let’s weigh his choices.

He can cash in on Cody Rhodes or Roman Reigns: Triple H could start a riot in Philly if he has Damian successfully cash in on Cody Rhodes after ending the Tribal Chief’s long run. Or he could prevent that same riot by having Priest avenge Rhodes. Either way that crowd will want to see Roman drop the belt tonight. They expect it.

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He can cash in on Seth Rollins or Drew McIntyre: This is the easy route. Triple H and company could still have their surprise without upsetting this delicate fandom. A broken Seth could drop his title to Priest after a tough fight and eventually be fine. Drew could do the same.

He tries to cash in and loses: I don’t know. I think Damian deserves a little better. This would only work if he tried and failed with Cody but even then, Damian would get the short end.

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Or he waits until RAW after Mania: This wouldn’t be a bad way to go. Damian would be a great first feud for Cody, Drew, or Seth following Mania and having the rest of the Judgement Day get involved would work nicely too.

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What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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