For homeless veterans, the happier times can both be both helpful and hurtful

Whenever I meet a fellow struggling veteran, we tend to talk about the past. It’s a good second subject after discussing the challenges each of us our facing.

It’s a double edged sword of an exercise. Yes, nostalgia can be euphoric. Who doesn’t enjoy thinking about the good times? You can close your eyes and get lost in it.

But it can also be painful when you take that glorious past and hold it up to a mirror to what’s happening now.

For many struggling veterans, they’ll talk to you about happier times. These happier times often involve peaceful periods of their life with family. While the story starts out pleasant enough, there is always the tough turn that leads us to the point where we’re at now. Those vets will often lose everything to divorce, substance abuse, and depression.

What were my happy times? I’m blessed to have a few.

There was my military service. All of it. I was fortunate enough to travel the world and serve in some great units. I was in spectacular health and there didn’t seem to be any real worries. We risked our lives at times but it was an honor to do so for this country.

Then there is my blogging turn. While my situation is pathetic now, I once had one of the best independent blogs in my market. I was on TV and radio on a regular basis. I drove around the community spending time with the most powerful people in town and documenting their stories. I actually didn’t realize how happy I was and completely oblivious to the difference I was making.

Recent years have been bad. So there are happy moments instead of times. I’ve been able to wander to some great parts of the country. There has been joy in that regard.

Ugh. I miss all of that.

My only hope is the fight to get back to something resembling what made me happy. I sit here typing these words to you with nothing in my name. I’ve been down before, I can only hope that the good times will return.

And that we can reflect on the good times with out the sting of a painful present.

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