It’s normal for veterans to dream about their past service

There was a discussion online recently regarding veterans dreaming about their prior service. There was a feeling of sadness tied to the dreams because many of us really miss our military service.

If you ask me, I think it’s completely normal for veterans to dream about their past service. As I wade through this very difficult time in Orlando’s housing crisis, I’ve had several dreams myself with similar feelings.

Why? Because those were happier times.

You could guess it’s because many of wish we could float back to the past and do it all over again. We were soldiers living for the day. Not a worry in the world.

It’s certainly better than fighting to keep a roof over our heads, or beating back PTSD and fighting off depression.

If you’re not a veteran, you may plug another time into this regular dream slot. Many of my non military friends dream about college.

The problem is how you act after you open your eyes. How do you move past the depression of not being in a time where you were so much happier? Especially when many of us our waking up in shelters, cars, and couches.

It’s not easy.

But you pledge to make more happy times.

Fellow struggling veterans I’ve spoken to enjoy talking about the past. But when I participate, I always try to end the discourse with a vow to create enough happy times to make that proud military service a chapter in my story. Not the entire book.

So, yeah, dreaming about our military service is fine. But we have to be careful that it’s not consuming us and use it as fuel to keep those good times going outside of uniform.

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