The Housing Struggle in Orlando Week 3: No recovery in sight

Two weeks. That’s how long my latest fight in the Orlando housing crisis has lasted and there is no relief in sight. I’ve pushed the wagon as hard and as fast as I can go, but now its the process that won’t let me move any further.

And that’s a problem with the way things are here. You’re held back waiting for phone calls and emails. And while you’re waiting, you’re suffering.

There have been mornings, where I’ve just wanted to get up and go to a job and start earning again. Give me a job any job. The worst day at work is better than the best day being helpless in an office or shelter waiting for life to pass you by.

The depressing part is that the solution still seems so far away. This problem isn’t going to be fixed soon for me. And certainly not for the men, women, and children who fill these shelters trying to climb out of poverty.

What I do have on my site is my background and experience. While I enter my third week living out a nightmare in the community I continue trying to raise awareness of the struggle everyone who is around me is going through. I try to communicate with local leaders to give them a real look at what’s going on with their embattled constituents that goes beyond anything they would see on a slideshow.

It’s taken an incredible toll. I still don’t feel truly safe and depression hits me like a truck sometimes.

Let’s get this week started and see where it goes.

Week 1: Contacting community partners
Week 2: Intake at temporary housing
Week 3: Progress through program checkpoints (projected)

Friends. Times are hard right now. If you could help out below in anyway possible, I’d be grateful. If you have any questions, you can write me directly at

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