Boasting VA Social Media can be painful for hurting veterans

When you’re a veteran struggling to find a home, you’re scouring the internet looking for data. Something. Anything. That can help get a roof over your head.

And if you’re a veteran and considering taking your own life, then you’re on the phone looking for any reason to keep going. Any sign of hope that can keep you from making a mistake that you’ll never be able to fix.

Which is why it hurts see public officials from the Department of Veterans affairs bragging on how they’re solving homelessness and making strides on preventing suicide on a self produced podcast.

This has happened to me as I struggle to find housing in the Orlando area. I’ve switched on a podcast and listened to the leaders that are supposed to be working to help us, boast about matters that aren’t making the kind of difference that they should.

VA social media should be a lifeline.

Veterans are fragmented when it comes to how they receive their information. That makes since because we may have been born anywhere from the 2000s to the 1940s. That’s a lot of ground to cover.

Which is why we need the most important information to come down VA social media almost all of the time.

We don’t need public relations. We don’t need the VA to tell us how good of a job they’re doing. We need them to show us.

We need homes. We need jobs. We need a quality of life worth living for.

That’s what we need. A lifeline in as many different places as possible.

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