In 2024, the Military to Civilian Veterans transition is still a deeply flawed process

Do you want to know why most of my troubles have occurred post military? I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t know what was waiting for me. I didn’t know what the resources were and what I had to do to protect my future.

And now I’m hurting along with so many others.

So many years later, the military to civilian transition phase is still not an easy one for our younger brothers and sisters. We get out of the military. We can’t find a private sector job to line up with our military occupations and the problems start. Then the loneliness sets in. The lack of coping skills hurt us. And then we’re in all sorts of trouble.

The diagnosis is easy. The course of action is clear. But we still can’t get it right.

Our transition services still aren’t talking to our local VAs the way that they should.

And the red tape, the same red tape that has hurt us for decades is as strong as ever with an internet void to now hide behind. We send emails asking questions and we’re not even sure if we’ll hear back.

We’ve got all of these contracted organizations lined up for government funds, who just set up a website and give us a number to the VA when we need help. This is money that could go to staff the departments that we really need in our broken system.

And nothing ever gets fixed.

The problems keep going though. We have veterans with no place to call home like myself. Soldiers that fall into the drugs. Servicemembers that take their own lives.

That’s no way to go. That’s no way to honor those who have protected our freedom.

We need services that make a difference. We need guidance that demands follow up. And we need to finally fix one of the biggest problems with veterans affairs as we move into the midway point of 2024.

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  1. That is why I have started creating a business that will be devoted to answering the pain points we who have transitioned from the military to the civilian workplace. The name of the Organization is Rise UP Vets! We will help coach veterans and their families to ease the transition and to see that they will have a greater opportunity than if they go it alone.

    1. Author

      Daniel, I appreciate what you’re doing. But if you’re plugging your organization please consider advertising or even a small donation. I have nothing. Please reach out through email if you have any questions.

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