Self Esteem among Homeless Veterans is sometimes never recovered

Can I tell you something about myself?

I doubt my abilities every single day.

It’s been that way for a few years now since I’ve realized I can’t survive the Orlando housing crisis. That, despite the best intentions of my Orange County Public School Teachers and my military leaders. I haven’t been good enough to earn what I need to thrive here. I work hard. I spend little. But it’s not good enough.

And when I talk to other homeless veterans in the region, hope is lost. The economy is set up against them. We have established a system where you have to hit rock bottom and become damaged before you’re taken in off the street.

ts the actual mechanism that kills the self esteem of our greatest defenders of freedom.

Both your professional and personal development revolve around self esteem. You must appear confident in your abilities to land the job you want, or to inspire that same confidence in your clients and customers. In your personal life, there is being shy, and then there is the fear that you might not be good enough for anyone.

And then you’re alone. Alone at work. And alone at home. Until you eventually lose that home and you’re just alone.

There have been brilliant people that have tried to rebuild my confidence and its still always been a challenge.

Unfortunately, homeless Florida veterans don’t have a support structure that can do that for them. And when they find someone that invests that kind of care in them, they don’t think they’re worth it.

We must look inside the heads of our homeless veterans. There is a fight to survive that is also playing out in our minds.

And many of us are losing that battle.

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