Unfinished college work is a lost investment for homeless veterans

There was a time when you weren’t considered successful if you didn’t discover your profession through a traditional college experience. Trades were for those who weren’t smart enough to get into a good school.

And I subscribed to that philosophy. I wasn’t ready for college and I dropped out.

Goodness, I would do anything for a reliable trade to lean on right now.

The truth is that if veterans aren’t prepared for college, they might not succeed. And “prepared” might even be the wrong language, because it’s required prep classes that discourage our vets. They realized after bombing a placement test that they’ll be spending time on resources for classes they won’t even be getting ready for.

But should they decide to climb the mountain anyway, they must make it to the top. Dropping out without a degree puts them in a terrible position of having the skills, but not the documentation that employers are looking for to land the high paying work. That’s where I was.

This means that when you’re scrambling to save your home, that time you spent in college is pretty worthless. And if you can’t earn, you can’t fight to save yourself.

I’ve done my fair share of college work. Over the past few years, I’ve even taken trips to study at some of our finest schools.

But it hasn’t helped me with the struggles I’m facing with the Orlando housing crisis. Almost any trade would be more useful.

In the end, investing in almost any other kind of education would have been better at this point. More regrets during a difficult chapter of my life.

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