Green Bay should support Veterans Tiny Homes Community

Green Bay is a wonderful town. The people are kind and hard working. The transportation is organized and tight. And even if you’re not a football fans, Sundays near Lambeau Field are contagious and an absolute joy to take in.

And this excellent community also loves their veterans and have the opportunity to level up on their support.

A proposal for a tiny homes village is going before elected leaders later this month. And there are passionate views on both sides (story HERE).

We all know why our veterans need support. We haven’t done a good job taking care of them when they get out and they struggle. I’m one of them and am currently fighting for a roof over my head.

But there are some who still oppose helping our brothers and sisters who once defended their freedom. They have their reasons. Much of it revolves around misunderstanding and fear.

The key here is to work together. Those concerns are certainly valid and deserve attention.

But we can’t allow these objections to disrupt what could be a tremendous opportunity to make this community stronger.

Homeless veterans have nowhere to go. Here there is an opportunity to help them climb up and join the rest of the workforce and to make meaningful contributions to all of our lives.

If we don’t, they remain on the streets. Next to the river. In the shopping center parking lots. On the benches.

And during those brutal winters their lives are at risk.

I urge opponents to reconsider this project. Green Bay has some wonderful leaders and if we give them the tools to help veterans then you can be sure it will be another reason to admire this wonderful community.

Friends. Times are difficult. Please help out below if you can. And write me at if you have any questions. Thank you.

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