Battle against “Claim Sharks” continues all over the country

Claim sharks have emerged as a major threat against veterans who are simply looking to get the benefits they’ve earned from their service. Also referred to as “Claim Predators” these are “unaccredited companies or individuals targeting Veterans’ benefits for profit” according to the VA.

And the VA has issued further guidance this week, advising veterans to look for these signs to identify potential scammers..

Charging High Fees: Predatory companies charge absurd fees or require you to pay a portion of your VA benefits. Never pay anyone a fee to file an initial claim for benefits. 

Making Dishonest Promises: Don’t trust anyone who claims they can help accelerate the claims process and obtain a 100% disability benefits evaluation. Remember, only VA has the authority to determine disability ratings.

Requiring Binding Contracts: No one should ever charge a fee to file an initial claim for VA benefits. Never sign a contract agreeing to pay an unauthorized individual/company a percentage of your benefit payment in exchange for help with your VA claim. 

The states have been fighting back against claim sharks and some states already have enacted legislation that makes these practices illegal. Unfortunately, vigilance is needed because these same entities will continue to look for loopholes to allow their measures to be legal.

Of course the real solution is to simply push the Department of Veterans Affairs to improve their delivery of veterans benefits. As you read these words, myself and many other struggling veterans are waiting on care or benefits that could determine our quality of life.

Be aware and stay vigilant.

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