Concerns over VA hiring amid PACT Act surge are valid

This week, there were questions in Washington from elected officials regarding the Department Of Veterans Affairs and their recent hiring trends. These concerns are coming as more veterans are seeking help from the VA regarding PACT Act claims, which allows them support after exposure to harmful chemicals while serving.

Senator Jon Tester issued these remarks regarding VA employment strength this past week..

“With the PACT Act delivering the largest expansion of VA health care and benefits ever, and more folks coming into the system—we have to ensure VA can deliver veterans the timely support they earned and deserve,” said Tester. “…VA’s recent hiring surge allowed the Department to deliver an all-time record number of health care appointments due in part to the PACT Act. VA needs to continue to build on this momentum, and continue to hire and retain quality personnel—especially in critical specialties like mental health and in rural areas.”

All of this is coming as other lawmakers are inquiring about a hiring freeze or reshuffling of departments at the VA. Wait times (especially in Florida where this blog is published) continue to be too long for appointments.

And then there is the delivery of the actual PACT Act claims. A reduced VA workforce can be further overwhelmed by a system that experienced massive backlogs for much of the modern era.

Veterans are hurting. They need help.

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