Greenville Veterans are understandably upset at VA scheduling woes

If you’re a veteran in the Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care system, then you understand that scheduling woes are as common as the sky being blue. They are terrible. They have been terrible for years. And with the Phoenix scheduling scandal resulting in the death of veterans turning 10 years old, it’s difficult to believe that it will ever change.

The latest group of veterans to have trouble are in Greenville, South Carolina (story HERE). They held a town hall this week and voiced their concerns to VA officials.

“You get discouraged, so you quit” said one veteran.

That hurts because a lot of veterans will do just that, and when that happens we get sick veterans, and sadly a lot of veterans will die because of lack of access to care.

The response from the VA was nothing new. They’re working on it. They did note that their staffing is also down 33 percent. This as the buzz about a hiring freeze swirls about from lawmakers in Washington.

If you’re sick of reading these stories, you’re not alone. I know I’m tired of writing them.

And the same problems with the VA continue. They never change. We have veterans that can’t get care. And regular stories about VA corruption being reported. They can’t even keep their own ranks clean. When they do find bad employees, they don’t fire them, they move them to another location where they can keep getting paid.

Meanwhile veterans keep suffering.

I hope the veterans of Greenville stay active and take action. They deserve care.

Because if the VA won’t help us, then who will.

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