Indiana latest to pass Green/Camo Alert for Vets, more states should follow

Indiana recently passed Green Alert legislation (story HERE). This is another tool used to help hurting veterans described as…

a program to provide for public notification regarding missing veterans at risk

And Creates certain duties and reporting requirements for law enforcement agencies concerning missing veterans at risk.

In many ways it works as kind of an Amber Alert for veterans who are missing and experiencing mental hardships.

Other states already have green alerts, which in some cases are also called camo alerts.

And we need all 50 states to have them.

This is because hurting veterans like myself and the many others around me are very reluctant to ask for help. We don’t want to trouble family and friends who may already be busy building their own careers or raising their own loved ones.

We might ask the unresponsive monolith known as the VA for help. But you and I know that the VA is simply awful when it comes to providing mental health services. You’ll wait weeks for an appointment. And when you’re hurting the that’s not good enough. Many times mental health services are farmed out to service providers who aren’t effective.

We’ll give up and walk away. Sadly, many of us will take our own lives. That’s why our suicide numbers are up.

That’s why we have to find our brothers and sisters when they’re hurting. They shouldn’t have to go through their troubles alone.

I’m doing it right now and it’s tough. I struggle with it every minute of every day.

Call your lawmakers and ask them to pass Green/Camo alert legislation.

Friends. Times are really bad. You can help out below. If you have any questions, you can write me directly at

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