Pets for Vets programs should be replicated everywhere

While I’m currently struggling with homelessness along with many other veterans, its encouraging to see that other cities are still taking the initiative to help our brothers and sisters who have served, specifically when it comes to mental health.

Jersey City has implemented their “Vets for Pets” program, which matches up veterans with shelter animals and waives adoption fees while also considering the needs of both parties (story HERE).

There was a time when I was secure enough to have a pet. I had a cat for years, and if you’re not a pet owner, I can’t tell you how they can add that extra element of fun and peace in your life.

We can understand that there are so many other veterans that could use this kind of ally in their life, be it a cat or a dog.

Because many veterans, myself included, don’t have anyone.

And we can’t neglect the benefits of these kinds of programs for the animal services helping out the municipalities as well. Many of these shelters are badly overcrowded and there isn’t enough space for the pets either. Sadly, many owners have to surrender their pets after they fall victim to unfair rent increases and have to move.

It’s amazing how many different kinds of life this housing crisis has harmed. And there are no solutions in sight.

Some day, I hope to have my own place again. And if I’m in the right place, eventually another cat. It will be a rescue.

Because as you read these words, I understand more than anything that eventually we’ll all need a rescue.

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