Congress must take care of “Atomic Veterans” and preserve RECA

“Atomic Veterans” are soldiers who helped test nuclear weapons in the World War II era. In the years that followed many of them came down with illnesses linked to that testing.

Since then, they’ve been compensated by something called the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act or RECA.

Unfortunately, that act will expire next month if nothing is done by congress.

We’ve seen the damage that military service can do to our veterans. Many of you understand, I’m currently a homeless veteran and getting help has been a grueling task.

Which is why we have to preserve what is working and for these veterans, who served during a pivotal time in our nation and the world’s history, they deserve this kind of support.

We also live in the PACT Act era. For the uninitiated, the PACT act compensates soldiers who are now suffering due to exposure to toxic chemicals. We take care of veterans who are hurting this way.

Congress may raise their eyebrows at the price tag, but these are benefits that have been earned. And we must refer to the rest of the budget for an understanding of how we’re spending our dollars these days. We can do better.

Homeless veterans are suffering. Sick veterans are dying. Inaction is never an acceptable option.

If you know an “atomic veteran” or are a veteran yourself, you should contact your member of the House of Representatives and your senators and ask them to get behind the preservation of RECA.

We can’t allow members who stepped up and sacrificed their health for our freedom to suffer any longer.

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