Many Landlords don’t want to house Veterans using vouchers

One of the most painful aspects of dealing with homelessness is discovering the hypocrisy of many of the people that pretend to care about veterans, but back away when it’s time to help.

A prime example are a lot of landlords and property management companies that don’t want to accept housing vouchers from veterans.

I’m talking about Housing and Urban Development Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing vouchers or HUD VASH. Our prime weapon in keeping struggling veterans off of the street.

They just don’t want to go through the trouble. Or they’ve bought into the logic believing that homeless veterans bring problems to their properties.

It’s a big problem in my old hometown of Orlando. But it’s a challenge in a lot of areas as the housing crisis continues to devastate the veterans community.

This leaves many of us with no place to go. Communities also fight back against veterans housing and even transition housing where veterans can go to get back on their feet.

And a lot of politicians still support them because they’re writing campaign checks.

It continues to play into the corrosive trend that people only want us for the happy occasions. They want us for the parades and barbecues, where they can take pictures and appear patriotic.

But when it comes to doing the work, they disappear. Or worse, actively work to sabotage our recovery.

It’s a painful reality, and when you ask the VA for answers, they shrug. They know the answer but don’t want to aggravate our wounds any further.

People don’t want us.

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