Lawmaker questions to VA Secretary regarding care of Maine Veterans very valid

Even though I have nothing at the moment, I still look around the nation to see how veterans in other states are coping with the lack of effective care they’re getting from the VA.

It’s good to see the wheels turning (albeit slowly) in Washington with Maine Senators Susan Collins and Angus King asking questions of VA Secretary Denis McDonough regarding the budget for veterans homes in Maine and VA staffing in general (story HERE).

Collins questioned McDonough on state run nursing homes. Now, many of my government hawks out there will quickly run to point out these are state run homes, but the VA has overlapping responsibilities in this home and is also responsible for veterans medical transportation in some regards. In the latter, many veterans are already struggling trying to find rides to appointments. It’s bad here in Florida too.

King pushed on the perhaps the most urgent matter the VA is negotiating already. That’s budget and staffing. The VA is cutting staff amidst a mental health and housing crisis affecting many veterans, including myself when it comes to housing.

“there is a provision in your budget that sees a reduction in staff of about 10,000. How do you justify that in terms of the growth in demand for services,” said King in a transcribe statement “How do we be confident in this committee that we are not sacrificing the quality of service to our veterans if we are reducing staff at the same time demand is going up?

McDonough punted on both questions. And to answer Senator King’s last question is…

We can’t. And in the meanwhile, myself and many other veterans will remain on the street waiting for care.

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