Baseball over Veterans philosophy by VA in Los Angeles is hurtful

A simply maddening report out of Los Angeles, that illustrates the Department Of Veterans Affairs opting to lease out land meant for veterans housing to other entities for baseball fields (story HERE).

With a group of veterans camped out outside of the VA complex, some with family, the West LA VA Campus has been dragging their feet when it comes to providing housing.

We must remember that these are benefits that were earned when we put on the uniform.

And the answer from the emotionless monolith known as the VA is the same. Blame others and deflect.

“We are where we are” one representative says in the report.

That’s not only hurtful, but with my experience also poorly stated.

What makes things worse is that there is land that is being leased out for baseball stadiums and athletic facilities.

This is par for the course for the VA and entities that insist on having land for empire building instead of looking out for our brothers and sisters, who defended their freedom just to have us pushed off of our own land.

There is a lawsuit. A trial is coming. But who knows when that will be solved? There are supposed to be more housing units coming. But anyone who has ever wrestled with the VA knows that could also be pushed back with no one to be held accountable as well.

Watching this from across the country as I also struggle with housing is heartbreaking.

If you’re a veteran in Los Angeles, call your elected officials and tell them to act. This is just wrong.

Friends. Times are tough. You can help out below and read more HERE. If you have any questions, please write me directly at

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