Education Flexibility for Veteran Parents proposal needed in online age

For veterans, especially struggling veterans, the GI Bill is our only lifeline to leveling up our education, and therefore being able to increase our quality of life when our time in the uniform eventually ends.

New bipartisan legislation Senators Marco Rubio and Jacky Rosen would make sure that veterans who are parents can access full housing benefits available through the GI Bill.

Right now, if you’re going to school online, you’re only getting half of the housing benefits. This means parents, who have to serve or work during the day can’t be home with the kiddos at night if they’re going to school

Under the Education Flexibility for Veteran Parents Act those parents going to school online would get full housing benefits.

“Ensuring our veteran parents can access their G.I. Bill benefits without sacrificing their parental duties is not just a matter of fairness, but of honoring their sacrifices.” said Rubio in his release “The Education Flexibility for Veteran Parents Act seeks to remove unnecessary barriers, while recognizing education shouldn’t be a privilege that conflicts with parenthood, but a right that empowers both.”

If you’re new to the blog, right now I’m struggling and homeless because of the housing crisis.

The GI Bill could have rescued me if I used it before it expired. It could have armed me with the skills I needed to earn enough to survive.

You can only imagine the pressure parents face to avoid a similar fate that would also bring their kids into this nightmare.

We need to pass this legislation.

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