The $10.8M Executive Bonus Scandal is exactly why we can’t trust VA

As a homeless veteran, this one hurts. A lot.

The Department Of Veterans Affairs improperly disbursed about $10.8 million dollars to senior executives when it should have gone to staffing for an already badly overwhelmed operation (story HERE).

The money was suppose to go for employees to work on the PACT Act claims, which is compensation for veterans who have been exposed to harmful chemicals.

At this point, it’s impossible to be surprised. The VA has proven time and time again to be unable of policing its management which has resulted in veterans suffering all over the country.

And get this, even though the discovery has been made that the bonuses were’t supposed to go to executives, some of those executives are going to challenge the return of the money.

They’re that bad.

It only goes to prove that VA management only cares about themselves.

We see it everywhere at the VA. And an honest operation at this point feels like a myth. A fairy tale.

Then when we get employees who are caught doing wrong in other matters, they’re not fired. They’re moved.

It hurts me to write this post. If you could only see the veterans around me who are suffering. Many of them because the VA doesn’t do a lot right when decisions are left up to senior leaders.

Doctors. Nurses. Support staff. Most of them are very good.

Adminstrators and other columns of leadership. Insultingly selfish and oblivious to the damage they’re doing.

We didn’t need anymore reasons to not trust the VA. We had plenty.

This is just another one. And it hurts a lot.

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