Wednesday Reflections: The memories of Pizza and Steak

What have I missed since I’ve lost everything? A lot.

I miss unguarded sleep. I miss a stable routine. And of course I miss a place to call home.

But I also miss eating what I want. Specifically steak and pizza. Two items that myself and the other homeless veterans around me haven’t seen for some time.

Goodness, I miss being able to order a pizza. You take the service for granted when you’re living well, but when you’ve lost everything it almost seems like an out of reach luxury.

You can go on the internet and a person brings it to your home. Pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and extra cheese. You lift open that box for the reveal and for a moment, everything seems well with the world. You pop the leftovers in the toaster oven the next day and it’s just as good.

I’ve gotten to the point with steak, that I’d rather buy the ribeye and prepare it at home.

Hot skillet. Butter. Fresh Garlic. Salt and pepper. I’ll take it medium with a charred outside. Pair with homemade fries and some green beans with bacon and you’re in heaven.

The best time to enjoy it is Sunday Night Football. And I actually enjoy the solitude of those Sunday nights alone.

Now, I wonder if I’ll ever get that experience back ever again.

A well prepared meal in my own place. A perfect peace with life’s problems on mute.

Goodness, feeling like a king doesn’t require a castle. Just the right pieces to be happy. Right now all of my pieces are missing.

One day I hope my happiness returns.

Dear friends. Things are bad. You can help out below if you’d like and check here for other ways. You can write me at if you have questions.

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