Monday Reflections: No one cares about your pain

When you’re out on the street or in a shelter you’re surrounded by people. Each of them living out a painful existence where every day is punishment for bad decisions.

But even though you’re around others, you’re still struggling alone. No one is looking out for you.

There have been a few times over the past month after I’ve lost everything when I’ve needed support. But no one is there. Your depression is allowed to sink to the very bottom with nothing to stop it.

When you’re around family or friends, they will notice that something is wrong. If you’re hurting they will ask if you’re okay. If you’re not, they might offer some kind words.

On the street no one cares. Not even a lot of my fellow veterans.

Why? There are a few reasons.

Sadly, a lot of them have accepted where they’re at. They’ve been struggling for some time and it doesn’t phase them anymore. Others don’t know what to say.

You can pray. But my faith has been shaken. I spoke about this a couple of weeks ago. It is a real struggle to determine if anyone is listening. For me, it’s just been silence. There have been times when I’ve closed my eyes and started and the words feel like their evaporating in the air.

And the strange thing is that I’m not stranger to being alone. But being alone when you have nothing and nothing to look forward to is a solitude unlike any other.

You exist. You hurt. You try to sleep. And you hurt again.

I just really miss everything right now.

Dear friends. Times are really bad right now. You can help out below. If you have questions write me at

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