Not Dead Yet Cancelled: What fans wish would have been different

Not Dead Yet has been cancelled. And a lot of us are going to miss it. There was a lot that could have been done with the Gina Rodriguez ABC comedy about Nell Serrano, an obituary writer who sees the ghost of her subject while she writes for her quirky paper.

But while we enjoyed it, it wasn’t a perfect show or a perfectly promoted show. I asked around online, and here what were some fans were saying…

We needed more ghosts in season 2: The ghosts took a firm backseat to the regular cast in season 2 despite some really great guest stars in the first campaign. Fans enjoyed them and wanted know why they weren’t featured as much as the show went on.

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Edward and Lexi: While Edward and Lexi were awesome in the first season both apart and during their short exchange, “Not Dead Yet” went all in on the duo in the second season. It felt rushed and in addition to the ghosts I’ve just mentioned, it pushed the rest of the regular cast back as well.

Season 2 promotion: A lot of the online viewers told me that they watched the show on Hulu, and had to go looking for it. While some did link it to the smash “Abbott Elementary” and you’ve also got the “Conners” holding a crowd on the same network, you have to wonder what went wrong here.

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“Not Dead Yet” is gone. But we know this cast is going to rebound and should turn up again soon. Be sure to support them wherever they go.

Thanks to everyone involved for two good seasons.

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