The Bear: What fans want to see in Season 3

We’re are about a month and half away from season 3 of “The Bear” and with a spectacular season 2 that gave us “Fishes” and “Forks” back to back, leading to a sprint of award show wins, fans have high hopes for the next campaign.

Here are just some of the things that landed on the online “wish list” of things they wanted to see on the show this season.

Returning guest stars: We know that “The Bear” isn’t afraid to give us the guest stars. But fans want to see some guest stars make a second appearance. Specifically Luca (Will Poulter) in some kind of interaction with Carmy. And Chef Jess (Sarah Ramos) who had just the right amount of chemistry with Richie during his internship.

Carmy, Syd,and Richie Flashbacks: Fans want to know more. Even though it feels like we’ve covered a lot of grounds with this cast, there are still a lot of unanswered questions that could be discovered with some more background.

More (or less) Claire: While I’m very much on team Claire (Molly Gordon), fans were split on her like they have been since last season. The main excuse remaining that she was “too perfect”. If we don’t see Claire again, you’ve got to believe that showrunners will stick another love interest in there with Carmy.

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A mean food critic: One storyline suggestion was for a mean food critic to give “The Bear” a tough time. Now the reason this could work is because us fans are really protective of this team. The idea of a critic ruining everything would provoke us. I know it would tick me off.

All great ideas. And best for the show, fans are already waiting for it. We’ll all be there.

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