Daily Dozen Trivia Answers Explained 5/12/24: Mother’s Day Softballs

Happy Mother’s Day Trivia Lovers. I hope all of my Mothers out there have a wonderful time around people they love. You are truly the best of us. As for trivia, it was a pretty easy quiz. I suspect a lot of perfect grids.

How did you do, Frank?: Missed one. Not bad when you’re homeless.

Here we go…

NFL: Before winning a Super Bowl with Baltimore, Trent Dilfer went 38-38 as the starting QB of this NFC team from 1994-1999.

Answer: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Explained: Creamsicle Trent was classic in TB. But that Ravens Defense was undeniable when he got his ring.

MLB: What American League franchise did the Cubs defeat in the 2016 World Series to break their 108-year Championship drought?

Answer: Cleveland Guardians

Explained: Technically it was the Cleveland Indians but Dozens doesn’t take into account name changes.

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Olympics: Partnering with Kerri Walsh Jennings, this U.S. Olympian won the Gold Medal in women’s beach volleyball in 2004, 2008, and 2012.

Answer: Misty May

Explained: Before Caitlin Clark and Basketball, there was Walsh and May for volleyball

Cars: This British brand of predominantly four-wheel drive, off-road capable vehicles produces models like the Defender and Discovery.

Answer: Land Rover

Explained: Be careful not to guess Range Rover

Celebrity Mashup Answer: Jason Mraz and John Mulaney

Explained: No way you were getting Mraz. Even though he crushed Dancing with the Stars last season.

Candy: “Crispety, Crunchety, Peanut-Buttery!” is part of the slogan for what candy bar brand?

Answer: Butterfinger

Explained: Bart Simpson taught us this. Remember?

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Television: At age 76, Steve Martin became the oldest Best Actor Emmy nominee in 2022 for this Hulu mystery comedy.

Answer: Only Murders In The Building

Explained: One of the most well liked shows on television right now.

Movies: In the movie Neighbors, Zac Efron’s fraternity throws a themed party where they dress up as characters based on what actor?

Answer: Robert De Niro

Explained: Watch the space in De Niro’s last name!

Music: With lead singer Debbie Harry, this American rock band dropped hits in the 1970’s and 1980’s including “Call Me”, “Heart of Glass”, and “One Way Or Another”.

Answer: Blondie

Explained: We’ve all got a Blondie fan in our life.

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

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