Saturday Night Live: Maya Rudolph springboards off Mother’s Day and Beyonce

Saturday Night Live was back tonight with a new episode featuring host and former cast member Maya Rudolph with musical guest Vampire Weekend. The outing was OK with Rudolph doing the best with what she had.

We got another Mother’s Day cold open. They’ve done these before and it’s a pretty critic free way to kick off a show with some feel good vibes. Chloe Fineman’s mom had a brutal and funny Tom Brady joke.

Maya’s monologue wasn’t for me, but it was undeniably well produced. Rudolph has always done Beyonce’ well her “Hot Ones” skit was the best of the night. Fans love watching the cast get messy.

The Teacher PSA was a miss. Caveman comedy wasn’t much better. TT and Mario was a nice try but unfunny. The Farraway coffee commercial was a low point. We can do better than fart jokes, guys.

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But the “Can you pick me up” Mother’s Day skit was funny and kind of sweet. The nurse appreciation spot also got a smile from me.

Please Don’t Destroy went with Rudolph as Uneesa Confidence, an “online girlfriend for guys with confidence issues” and registered a very rare loss. It might have been funnier and more relatable if it was pics of Sydney Sweeney.

Weekend Update may have been the comedic high point of the show. Che and Jost are wrapping up another one of their better seasons. Heidi Gardner as the woman who pretends she’s not mad was my favorite part.

Vampire Weekend has such a great sound and have been making good music for years. I enjoyed them again here.

Next week, we’ve got the season finale with host Jake Gyllenhaal and musical guest, Sabrina Carpenter. That should be a pretty good final bow for this campaign. I’m optimistic.

I’ll see you then!

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