Lioness: Fans demand Aaliyah closure in season 2

How about that? We’re getting season 2 of Special Ops: Lioness, which will now just go by “Lioness”, which is fine by me. The Zoe Saldana and Nicole Kidman action drama had some memorable moments last year, and I’m happy to tune in for some more.

But the fans I’ve chatted with online have some requests..

They want more Aaliyah, or a bow tied off on last season’s arc: Cruz’s infiltration of her mark turned lover, Aaliyah, was the main storyline of the freshman season. But it ended vaguely in Cruz completing her mission, and killing a couple of Aaliya’s relatives but never confronting her in the process. The #1 request from fans online is either more of the two, or a proper ending to the mission. I don’t know how the writer’s will do this. It could either be a line spoken in passing or another arc altogether. Stephanie Nur, who plays Aaliyah was not in the renewal article but we have no confirmation either way on whether she’ll return.

They want less of Joe’s family: Joe’s not a good mother or wife. That was apparently clear in season one and a springboard for drama not directly involving budget draining action. A lot of fans didn’t dig it and could do with less of the slog of Joe’s home life. It’s Saldana’s show, so they’ll have to give her something else to do.

More of the team and Kaitlyn’s husband: When Lioness did action, they did it well on the strength of Joe’s team, following Cruz and getting into some trouble on the side. Fans want more of that hijinx. They’re also curious about Kaitlyn’s husband’s activities as the mysterious fixer/kingmaker.

This is all good news. The worst thing would be if fans showed no interest after the announcement. But they’re ready for season 2.

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