Veterans Pre-Enrollment Act would helped flawed military to civilian transition process

There are very few mysteries involving the struggle of veterans. I write that first statement on the strength of the homeless veterans shelter this post originates from. We’re hurting. And we can nail down the time that our troubles began.

The first couple of years after we got out of the military.

Military to civilian transition has been flawed for decades, and while the VA nibbles around the edges, lawmakers and allies continue developing good ideas to reduce the downward spiral many of us go on after we pack away the uniform.

Such as the Combat Veterans Pre-Enrollment Act. Legislation that would allow veterans to pre enroll in to VA health care up to 180 days before separation. And would require the VA to report to Congress with regularly.

It’s a bipartisan bill from U.S. Representatives Young Kim, Juan Ciscomani, and Jill Tokuda and Salud Carbajal.

“Currently, when members of the military leave their service, they are not eligible to receive certain veterans benefits until they receive their official separation documents, which can result in months-long gaps in coverage. This is unacceptable – our duty to care for our veterans starts the day they take off their uniform. said Ciscomani.

This is the proactive policy that we need. The VA hasn’t been aggressive enough when it comes to separation. For years, liaisons watched from their offices and we had to hunt them down for services.

And there is nothing worse than needing care from the VA only to discover that you have to enroll before being able to see someone. Depending on the wait at your clinic, it could wipe out your day.

Let’s get this bill passed.

Friends: Times are really bad. You can read more about it HERE and help out below. Anything would help. Thank you.

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